VISION QUEST LUNDI: FLUSH/FLOOD is the second addition to the VISION QUEST LUNDI series, which began with an exhibition of VISION QUEST LUNDI: BALTIMORE at the Open Space Gallery in 2010. Here the term ‘vision quest’ aligns itself with a new age sensibility that brings together a smorgasbord of culture, religion and academics to find a spiritual framework which connects them all. The 'vision quest' being the journey one embarks upon in order to understand these connections and their value for one’s own life and for humanity at large. ‘Lundi’ is the Icelandic word for 'puffin'. Each part of the series focuses on a different stop or series of stops on a map. This particular map is both one of inner geography and one that fits like a glove to the universal hero’s journey- with an economy of space intended for that journey to take place upon it. VISION QUEST LUNDI: FLUSH/FLOOD concerns two of these stops in particular, and the theoretical route from one to another. While the goal of a hero’s journey is to successfully conquer each stage in order to attain a higher truth or capture a physical relic (and subsequently return home with it)- VISION QUEST LUNDI: FLUSH/FLOOD captures a liminal space where one may oscillate between the phases of looking outward for meaning and purpose and looking inward. On the accompanying map these are geographically presented as the complementary forms of a pier and a cave. FLUSH/FLOOD presents a dilemma and a possible answer: Through this constant oscillation, one may break through to the other side. A sort of transformation through sheer repetition. In this exhibition, aspects of Formula 1 racing and taiko drumming serve to express this situation.