VISION QUEST LUNDI: FLUSH/FLOOD is the second installment in the ongoing VISION QUEST LUNDI series, which is a wide-reaching narrative journey through marked stages of the ‘monomyth' (one true story) as detailed by the late Joseph Campbell. VISION QUEST LUNDI builds the framework for myth from facets of history, culture, religion and academics— accessing the spiritual qualities of disparately connected moments and placing them accordingly to function within a new system.

VISION QUEST LUNDI: FLUSH/FLOOD lies between two major points on a hypothetical map for the monomyth: the point where one looks outward for meaning (a person on some physical or mental precipice) and the following stage where one looks inward. These may present themselves metaphorically as a pier and a cave. Focusing on the high-intensity, circuitous movement in Formula 1 racing and the collective heart-pounding beat of Japanese drumming, this exhibition and performance express the possibility of physically progressing to the next stages by way of a meditative transcendence achieved through these activities. Rather than a clear and direct path, one exists between two spaces and finds balance which leads to transformation through repetition.