Paper, vellum, tape, various drawing mediums

The shape was created out of intuition that I later learned was probably my connection to the collective unconscious. It was drawn as the map of a place where my 16-yr-old fantasy narrative could take place, which I later learned was the prototypical hero’s journey. The fantasy narrative was a myth which was inspired by the events in my young life. The map was drawn based on the events of the myth with the notion that place and idea could be connected in a symbolic way. That is to say, if a person will one day walk away from society to look out at the vast ocean and have wanderlust, then there should be a place for them to do so, which then directly leads them to the next place as well, and so on. This was and often still is a heavy and complicated thought, because I do not propose to predict the future and yet I feel so connected to this shape as it has proved itself time and again. Over time I have re-interpreted the shape, transposed various ideas on it (which fundamentally abide by similar rules or purposefully do not), and analyzed it objectively to make more purely visual connections. At times it is the subject of my work. Sometimes the work is derived from it as it expresses parts of an actual or imagined diagram or the whole thing. Yet still other times it is just a jumping off point for me to say this is something I feel that is valuable. This is myself.