Leaving Just to Come Back, 2009

Foam, poly rope, plaster, latex caulk, tape, ceramic sculpture, wood, model diagrams, fluorescent lights

Installation shot in the MICA dye kitchen.

Model Diagrams for 'Leaving Just to Come Back', 2009

Paper, vellum, tape, pencil.

Temporary walls and household materials both new and recycled create a foreign space within a kitchen equipped for minor flooding. Spirituality is forged from utility. Ceramic sculptures are encased in foam pods which are tethered to a sculpture of a boat cleat. With a specific amount of length, the pods have limited movement. The floor diagram and the placement of pods, as well as the drawings hung by the entrance, all suggest a circular, infinite cycle. It poses questions about what a journey/path means when you can see the end or when there isn't one.