Iceland Wherever is a nomadic artist-run gallery project in which Icelandic artists are curated into spaces that are decidedly not Iceland. Technology continues to drastically transform the concept of place, as all that is lost in translation becomes the cost for convenience. 

But with that arise new challenges and interesting relationships. Not to think of Iceland as exotic. To bridge a geographic gap, forge relationships.

Baltimore for Iceland…

thinking about the other and how we just need to understand the sameness and appreciate differences

like hannah living here coming from sweden. why you wanna go somewhere and why anyone wants to come here.

But what is it that we get? The ability to be close and far away at the same time. To overlap place. To be in france while we are in new jersey. Close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere far away. You have a better vision of that when you are actually there. Bringing creature comforts to a new place. What makes chinatown feel like china? Or does it just feel like chinatown? What makes a place what it is? A symphony of senses and knowledge…. Where I work in Baltimore in chicken and rats, all day just peruvian chicken and dead rats