7. Automated Physiology = Situation for Transcendence

Rubberized paint, foam, cardboard, cotton, wood, rubberized toilet, submersible pump, rubber mouth nozzle, vinyl tubing, cat litter.

In the sport of F1, a driver is not alone in their decision-making. An entire support team of highly knowledgeable and specialized professionals guide the process, well beyond the mere construction of the vehicle. A driver is yet another member of the team who is in charge of the human element. They are physically fit, mentally adept and meet other important qualifications. Every circuit Formula races on is different from the next. A driver must practice and memorize the layout in order to find their most efficient path and vehicle handling. This memorization and the eventual repetitiveness of the race itself, becomes fused into muscle memory. Drivers have described this experience as meditative— sometimes even an out-of-body-experience when one's physical self is so in tune with their mind, that the connection allows one to break free from their earthly presence. Because the races are long and demanding, drivers hydrate via a tube connected to their helmet and a bladder within the cockpit. If, however, they need to relieve themselves, they are left to their own devices and will urinate without stopping.

This to-scale model of the body of an F1 car is fitted with a toilet cockpit and a submersible pump, flooding and flushing water through an internal system continuously.