The Crown is an ongoing project that triangulates autobiography with universality and personal experiences of others. It begins with Iceland as a land of myth, both for foreigners and natives throughout time. People have travelled there to permanently settle, while others sojourned there looking for a bounty to bring home, and still others have abandoned it as their residence, seeking a different story for themselves elsewhere. This project explores Iceland through the lens of the monomyth, as a destination or a start to journeys that seek the ultimate boon. Learning through first and secondhand accounts, The Crown questions the validity of inherent mythic or sacred qualities of a land, based on research into the functional needs, spiritual desires, and moral ideals of different people throughout time. It holds the ease of modern tourism against historic journeys of great struggle and illuminates common threads of humanity, while simultaneously pausing to reflect on the social, ecological and personal impact of our individual monomythic quests, and wonders whether or not we are misunderstanding something huge.

As the research unfolds, so does the work. Material and historical discoveries find their narrative connection within the scope of The Crown and create grounds for an exhibition, a distant gesture, a collaboration, or something as yet unknown.