The final assignment is open. The only restriction I will give you is that you won’t be making a painting or a drawing- UNLESS of course there is something sculptural/extra physical about it. Think of all the ways we have talked about sculpture this semester. Could it be a sound piece that takes up the negative space between us? Could it be a performance piece with sculptural props? Could it be a video of sculpture? Those are all on the periphery, but I want to make sure you feel able to make something you want.

You will need to get right to it. We will have about 5 classes to work on this, but remember there are shop hours too. If you have any technical questions or otherwise, feel free to e-mail me or of course ask in class. Make sure that you are working in class. While getting the project completed by the due date is important, it is 25% of the project grade that you are prepared and using class time effectively. I am here to help you figure out how to do that. Just ask.


Here are some dates:

11/15:  Come to class with 3 DIGITIZED SKETCHES ON A THUMB DRIVE OR IN YOUR EMAIL/ON GOOGLE DRIVE. The whole class will be spent in a computer lab and you will need a concrete idea to start with in order to do this class work. If you are absent for some reason make sure you see me ASAP to makeup this exercise.

11/20:  Class work day (have materials to work with otherwise you'll be sitting on your phone all class and that's not a productive use of your time!)

11/27:  Class work day

11/29: Class work day

12/4: Class work day

12/6: Class work day

12/11: ALL CRITIQUES  These will obviously be shorter, but if we do them all on one day then we have more time to work


Since there aren't any assignment parameters, your project grading rubric will go as follows:

Quality completion of in-class lab exercise and initial 3 sketches 25%

Class preparedness and effective use of class time 25%

Craftsmanship 25%

Consideration for material with respect to idea 25%