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Spring 2018 / T&Th 9am-11:30am  /  Office hours by appointment only  /




In this course you will develop your own 3-dimensional artwork supplemented by tutorials, skills assessments, reading/writing, presentations and exercises. You will be introduced to a multitude of materials and processes as well as encouraged to explore on your own. You will develop and practice a multi-faceted understanding of sculpture by working through projects informed by assignments, instructor guidance and group critique.




1 Snap-off blade utility knife

1 Pair of scissors

1 Universal or wood specific drill bit size ⅛”

1 Countersink bit size ⅜”

1 Tape measure (10ft +)

1 Bottle of wood glue

1 Sheet or small pack of sandpaper in each grit: 80, 120, 220

1 Sketchbook (you can use any kind of notebook/notepad you prefer, cannot be pocket size)

1 Roll of masking tape

2 Screwdrivers (one phillips head, one flathead OR one screwdriver with interchangeable driver bits) 1 Permanent marker

1 Bottle of 100% Silicone I Clear

1 Small bottle of Dawn dish soap

1 Plastic bucket 5qt or larger

1 Container pre-mixed joint compound 1qt or larger

1 Sheet Foamular 2ft x 2ft minimum

1 Padlock/combination lock (if you’re leaving these supplies in a locker)

1 Plank of ‘clear pine’ measuring 1” x 3” and any length from 4’ and up- Please be aware this is NOT a 2” x 4” piece of     construction lumber

1 Box of drywall screws for the class to share - you will be assigned a size on the first day


Recommended but not required:


Safety goggles


Ear protection

Disposable gloves

Hot glue gun and sticks

Full set of universal drill bits


These are the basic supplies needed to complete class assignments, but you will be expected to supply materials and whatever tools you require (if it’s something the shop doesn’t have) for your projects.





See undergraduate catalogue for description of grades, e.g., A+, A, A-, etc.:








Grading for projects is broken up into these categories:


-Initial planning (showing me or the TA your required plans)

-Class preparedness and effective use of class time


-Consideration for material with respect to idea (and vice versa)


You will have class studio time to work on projects, but the final work should also be reflective of studio time spent outside of class equal to approximately 5 hours per week. We will have formal peer-driven critiques for your projects.


Every class an assignment is past due (unless those classes are excused absences) takes your assignment grade down one full letter.





No headphones. Non-negotiable.

Keep food at a minimum.

Follow safety procedures when using tools. You will not be suspended from using power tools if you do not follow safety procedures.

Stay till the end and help with cleanup.





This is a studio course in which nearly all work is completed in class, therefore attendance is crucial. It is your responsibility to contact me the next day you are in class about making up any missed work you were not otherwise aware of.


In accordance with University Policy, more than three unexcused days of non-participation will warrant alteration to your overall grade by one full letter grade. Six or more unexcused days of non-participation will warrant an automatic final grade of ‘F’. Exceptions and incomplete contracts will only be considered on presentation of appropriate written documentation. Events that justify an excused absence include: religious observances, mandatory military obligation, illness of the student or illness of an immediate family member, participation in university activities at the request of university authorities, and compelling circumstances beyond the student’s control (e.g. death in the family, required court appearance). It is the student’s responsibility to notify the instructor within the first 3 weeks of class regarding any religious observance absence(s) for the entire semester. Excused absences require documentation provided to the instructor in a timely fashion. One time per semester, students may use a self-signed note for a medically excused absence.


In addition, 3 latenesses over 15 minutes equals 1 full absence. Lateness of 30 minutes or more also equals one full absence.





Faculty and advisors use email to convey important information, and students are responsible for keeping their email address up to date, and must ensure that forwarding to another address functions properly. Failure to check email, errors in forwarding, and returned email are the responsibility of the student, and do not constitute an excuse for missing announcements or deadlines.





In case of closings and delays due to weather check the University’s website and/or phone line






Students with a documented disability should inform the instructors within the add-drop period if academic accommodations will be needed. You are expected to meet with your instructor in person to provide them with a copy of the Accommodations Letter and to obtain your instructor’s signature on the Acknowledgement of Student Request form. You and your instructor will plan together how accommodations will be implemented throughout the semester. To obtain the required Accommodation Letter, please contact Disability Support Service (DSS) at 301-314-7682 or





The UMD Honor Code prohibits students from cheating on exams, plagiarizing papers, submitting the same paper for credit in two courses without authorization, buying papers, submitting fraudulent documents and forging signatures. On every examination, paper or other academic exercise not exempted by the instructor, students must write by hand and sign the following pledge:


I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this examination (or assignment).


Allegations of academic dishonesty will be reported directly to the Student Honor Council:





Class lectures and other materials are copyrighted. They are the property of the instructor - do not sell them, do not post them on a website. They may not be reproduced for anything other than personal use without written permission from the instructor. Copyright infringements may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.





The University of Maryland is committed to providing support and resources, including academic accommodations, for students who experience sexual or relationship violence as defined by the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy. To report an incident and/or obtain an academic accommodation, contact the Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct at 301-405-1142. If you wish to speak confidentially, contact Campus Advocates Respond and Educate (CARE) to Stop Violence at 301-741-3555. As ‘responsible university employees’ faculty are required to report any disclosure of sexual misconduct, i.e., they may not hold such disclosures in confidence. For more information:





The University of Maryland values the diversity of its student body. Along with the University, I am committed to providing a classroom atmosphere that encourages the equitable participation of all students regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Potential devaluation of students in the classroom that can occur by reference to demeaning stereotypes of any group and/or overlooking the contributions of a particular group to the topic under discussion is inappropriate.


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