Pick an artist from the list on the 'ongoing artist list' here on the class website. Find someone who resonates with you! Let me know ASAP who you pick. There must be no repeats, so this is first come, first serve. If you've started in on a presentation on Roni Horn but didn't tell me, you might end up having to pick someone else. 

Do some research. Most of this will be online, but depending on who you pick, there may be reference material in the Art Library. 


Create a slideshow USING GOOGLE SLIDES made up of 10 works by this artist. This may end up being more than 10 images, if you use multiples views of a piece, but ultimately just 10 individual artworks. Please make sure you use Google Slides so we can access everything from one computer with no issues.

Make sure to include title, material, dimensions (if available), and year created. This is part of your grade- do NOT omit because you couldn’t find something.

The total presentation should include:

-Brief biographical info about the artist

-10 individual artworks with respective information

-Brief critical analysis of their work (this might be their artist statement, it might be a show review, let me know if you don’t know how to find this) and where it came from

-Brief reflection on their work in your own words