Watch this interview and clip from French artist Camille Henrot's video Grosse Fatigue. Unfortunately the original work isn't available online, but from her narration and the clips, we can see how a strong sense of material and narrative comes through. With timing, juxtaposition and sensitivity to curating her images and video clips, connections may feel both intentional and coincidental, abstract and explicit.

Collect a minimum of 200 images that tell us something about you and put them together in a folder. Give consideration to how you order them, but don't obsess over it. Think about the quality of the images and content. For example: let's say you love cars. Is there something in particular about cars? Do you prefer vintage rust buckets or flashy chrome custom work? Is there a way for you to share something more specific? This isn't like clicking through someone's Facebook photos. You are the curator here.

We will share these with the class. I will have a projector and open your folder, clicking through your images about 2 frames per second. Otherwise if you're familiar with video editing software, feel free to create a video file, but keep it under 3 minutes. The idea here is to view images quickly to gain a general feeling and not focus on any one thing in particular, but rather parts that make up a whole.

Bring a thumb drive with folder or video, or submit a video or compressed folder via ELMS.

Due 9/11/17